Campaign for Safe Road Design

The Campaign for Safe Road Design was established by the Road Safety Foundation in 2008 to create greater awareness of the potential for safe road design to prevent unnecessary death and serious injury when applied systematically on the highest risk routes.

With the support of Britain’s road user organisations, safety charities and professional highway bodies the initiative won overwhelming support for government commitment to a national safe road design programme, together calling to Make Safe Road Design a National Transport Priority.

Campaign Supporters include PACTS, AA, RAC Foundation , IAM Trust, RoadSafe, Freight Transport Association, Road Haulage Association, EuroRAP, CSS , CIHT and IHIE.


  • Britons are nearly 8 times more likely to die on the road than in any other daily activity
  • 100 Britons are killed or seriously injured every day
  • Road deaths are the leading cause of death in healthy young adults
  • 100 Britons are killed or seriously injured every day
  • The annual budget for local road safety schemes is less than £150 million but their rate of return is over 300%

In the past 10 years more than 30,000 have died on Britain’s road network. More than 375,000 have been killed or seriously injured. Every year 1.5% of GDP, equivalent to £18 billion, is lost in road crashes – more than we spend on primary schools or GPs.

International research says Britain can do much more on safe road design, particularly on roads outside major towns where two-thirds of road deaths occur. Serious crashes can drop by more than half when roads are given a safety makeover – safe crossings, crash barriers at the roadside, turning bays at junctions and good hazard markings. We need the ‘self-explaining’ and ‘forgiving’ roads of top performing countries. Road deaths should be no more acceptable than rail or air crashes.